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    Jerusalem-based industrial designer Naomi Kizhner created a series of sci-fi jewelry than harvest kinetic energy from a human’s body and turns it into electricity. Called “Energy Addicts”. Each spike is inserted into a vein; the blood stream spins the wheel and creates movemen.The jewelry is made from gold and 3D-printed biopolymer. Each piece contains sharp stings that neatly pierce the skin and serve as bio energy harvesting devices. The energy is generated from the body’s subconscious movements, such as blood flow or blinks of an eye. Kizhner created several designs to be worn on different body parts and to draw energy from specific physiological functions. Via Reddit

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    astrophotography by david lane in utah’s bryce canyon national park and capital reef national park, colorado’s fish creek falls, and yellowstone national park

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    new huffy glass beaker all packed up and ready to goooo

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    Always milk your bongs in the morning 👆👆👆

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    when commercials have internet memes in them


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    The process of a beautiful Purple Kush getting grind, rolled up, and enjoyed.

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    I need context for this.

    he tried to hit him with the ball

    he knew he was getting thrown at and he knew the catcher was in on it.

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